Landowner Solutions that Work

Emerick Farms is different in that you receive:

  • Competitive rents – Through consistently out-performing county average yields, our large storage capacity, and performing all field work ourselves, we are simply able to pay you more.
  • Rent paid on time – We are a financially stable operation, so you have no worries that your rent will be paid… in full… on time… every time.
  • Flexible lease arrangements – Whether cash rent, crop share or flex lease, we’ll gladly assemble a lease arrangement to match your needs and goals
  • Certification – Emerick Farms participates in a environmental certification program. Being environmentally certified means your land will be cared for and nurtured appropriately and verified by a independent third party

To learn more, please call Roger Sanders at 618-425-3300 or Contact us.

Call Us: 618-425-3300

Mailing Address:
1023 N 175 Street
Vandalia, IL 62471