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Matt, Benji, Betsey Patti and Tim


Makenzie and Brody Emerick – 2015

Sept - 1

Makenzie and Brody Emerick – 2013

Members of Emerick Farms bring a unique blend of expertise and experience in technology, marketing, landowner relations and efficiencies.

  • Tim has served as an equipment dealer for several different manufacturers. He also brings professionalism, ability to maximize efficiencies and an ability to generate good landowner and customer relations. He has served on various boards and is active in the community.
  • Patti brings experience in real estate management and serves as the backbone of the Emerick family.
  • Matthew, who holds a BS in Marketing, is gifted in equipment maintenance and procedures to increase efficiencies.
  • Betsey, who earned a BS in Finance brings strong financial management skills to the operation.
  • Benji, with an Associate’s degree and another three years of study in Ag Business, was the driving force in doubling the operation’s acres.

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